Welcome, friend!

You probably found yourself on my website because you want to improve your design skills and learn a thing or two, and I don't blame you! We are visual creatures in a world where screens take up most of our time. 

If you have a blog / business you probably want your corner on the internet to look nicely designed. You wouldn't invite your friends and family over if your place was a complete disaster! You should think the same way with your website. Keep it clean, well designed, and easy to navigate. 

I believe everyone should have the basic design principles in their back pocket to create beautifully designed elements for their business. 


You are in the right place if you are:

  • - looking to spruce up your blogs design

  • - looking to learn a few design tricks yourself to avoid hiring someone to do it for you

  • - looking for blogging and or design advice

  • - looking for pre-made logos/design elements. Check out my Blog Shop

  • - love freebies that include worksheets, ebooks, ecourses, and more to help grown your blog and brand

Looking to hire a designer?

I’m currently accepting clients! If you would like to work together click the button below to check out my design packages. forthandcreatestudio@gmail.com

About me

If you haven't already guessed my name is, Meagen. I live, breathe and obsess over good design. 

After graduating design school waaay back in 2012 I worked at a local brewery here in Toronto, ON as their Graphic Designer and while it was a great experience I knew deep down I wanted to go out in the world and test the freelance waters. 

Forth and Create was born in 2014 and it's expanded from a basic freelance site to a place where people come to learn about design. 

Some facts about me:

  • Binge watching Netflix is a real problem for me

  • Coffee runs through my veins 24/7

  • I know *a lot* about craft beer and brewery hoppin' is a favourite past time

  • Future corgi mom

  • I will listen to the same song on repeat all day if I like it

  • I'm obsessed with a pretty Instagram feed

  • I'm true crime obsessed